Hi everyone;

I've asked a similar question before, but I'm going crazy trying to set this up. In FP2.6 it was very easy in a browse command to add a calculated field.

I'm trying to displacy some information depending on user's entry in the first column of a grid.
I've setup the control source of the second column to" "+ruginv.quality
I've tested this with both sparse = .T. and sparse = .F. No success.

In the case of Sparse = .T., I get the proper information displayed in column 2 but all other records get the same value.

In the case of Sparse = .F. the information displayed is always wrong.
I'd rather not use a table field to display the information but rather a calculated field.

Anyway to display calculated fields in a grid


Re: Calculated fields in grods.

Naomi Nosonovsky

Try to put it in parens, e.g

this.Column1.ControlSource = '(ruginv.Design + ruginv.quality)' && In case of both fields are numeric

If the fields are character, you can use your expression. When you update the value in one column, you may need to call grid's refresh method.

AFAIK it should work.

Re: Calculated fields in grods.


Ooops. Sorry.
My problem actually was the fact that no table relation was established. I was seeking in the valid of the first column. Mistake.

Thank you.