Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if i can use the above on sql server standard 2005 edition...im building a window application (.exe), a costing system for our account dept here...

I've done lots of research on which languages to use, but i find foxpro match my description as it is more to client-server solution...any opinions / ideas would be really great.

really appreciate the help guys!


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Alex Feldstein

Yes you can. VFP (especially the latest, Version 9) makes an excellent language for a front-end or middle-tier accessing a SQL Server database (in any version).

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I'll probably get into trouble for this Smile but you may wish to consider Microsoft's recent announcement regarding the future of Visual FoxPro.


As Alex says, Visual FoxPro is an excellent application which works extremely well with SQL Server. I have used it for many years and intend to continue using it for many more. However, if I were starting today I would have serious reservations about investing time and money in purchasing and learning a product, and using it to develop applications that may need to be used and maintained for years to come, when it has such an uncertain future.


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Naomi Nosonovsky

Good point, Dominic.

BTW, just noticed this http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll Wiki~MovingDataFromVFP->SQL which may be helpful.

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hey guys! thank you so much for this insightful and additional infos..now im all geared up to start my app development knowing what to expect based on all replies posted here.

For other newbies like me out there, here are some great sites u might want to check out as guidelines / hands on tutorial:



I appreciate any other useful tutorial sites for the benefit of all..thank you once again guys!



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Claude Fox

Dominic, your point is valid. However, it may just be the way you're perceiving the situation. For example, the argument could be made that MS held VFP back, especially in recent years. For me, I'd rather it be a community product and drop the pretense that MS was devoted to improving and supporting VFP. Community support for open source dev platforms have made dev languages like PHP, Perl, etc. much better and they have no "official" corporate sponsor...