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what do most companys charge per hour if a client wanted a custom applications writtin in foxpro

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How much does it cost to buy a car

Obviously this varies. I think the range is somewhere between $5/hour (work is exported to India) and $150/hour (Work is done by an overpaid consultant in the USA...

It obviously depends on the experties of the consultant and of course by the market rules of demand and supply.

You are the best person to answer this question becaue you know how much the company needs YOU as the developer, and how good/available you are.


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150$ might be "underpaid" too. If a person with an hourly rate of 5$ is doing something in 31 hrs where 150$ paid one doing the same thing in 1hrSmile Quality of the end product, it's maintainability etc might further contribute to earnings lending the work to the 150$/hr consultant. Unfortunately there is no solid measurement.

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Craig Berntson

Why does a plumber charge by the hour to fix a leak or a mechanic to fix your car Custom work comes with lots of unknowns, especially when dealing with custom software. By charging by the hour, it becomes easier to deal with unknowns or changes in specs.

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Hi there,

In the netherlands we charge something from 60 to a 100. excluded Tax

In $ that's 1.5 more (So 90$ to a 150$)

It is depending on how much work it is... (more work = less per hour)

It is depending on the quality required..

it is depending on how difficult it is..

It is depending on who's asking.. (the pain in the *** customer we charge more, due to overhead *****)

OR a good customer pays less..

Anyway there is NO standard...

how this helps

greetings, Leo