Abel Koh

Dear all,

I'm currently working in a company as a system/database administrator.

Recently, some records in the field CUST, has been changed randomly.

I would like to ask what is the possibility of it happening by itself

Thank you.

Re: Random Changed of data inside database of Visual Foxpro 6.0

Lakshmi N

Data will never change by itself. there could be 3 reason


If it is virus you will easily know normally table will have some junk data also.

if you have a backup, either you can scan/clean virus or reformat the hard disk and re-copy.

2.Program Updation

Some program is wrongly updating the tables.

In such cases you have to chek your program.

3.Manual Updation

Somebody is purposely doing data manipulation either for doing trouble or gain

in such cases data would have got changed meaningfully. if you look at the table and study the table then you will know who is doing and why it has been done.