I am trying to modify existing procedures in Foxpro database with new procedures using Windows App & VFPOleDB provider.

I have a updated procedures in a TXT file and when I run this through win app, I get "One or more errors occurred during processing of command." Can someone help me check if I am executing the VB code right and whether doing this is possible

Dim vfp As String = "provider='VFPOLEDB';data source='C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\hdnweb\data\DEM\hdn_dem.dbc';password='';user id='';Mode=ReadWrite"


VFP7Connection2 = New OleDbConnection(vfp)

If VFP7Connection2.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then VFP7Connection2.Open()

If VFPCom Is Nothing Then VFPCom = New OleDbCommand

VFPCom = VFP7Connection2.CreateCommand()

VFPCom.CommandText = "APPEND PROCEDURES FROM C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\hdnweb\data\FoxPro_StoredProcedure_DEM.txt OVERWRITE"


Catch ex As Exception

Throw ex


If VFP7Connection2.State = ConnectionState.Open Then VFP7Connection2.Close()

End Try