I have a big performance problem querying fox tables using oledb provider from a win32 (C#) application: one select takes 30 seconds to done!!!

Is there anyone who has experience the same problem and has a way to improve querying performance


Re: Performance problem: Querying fox tables with oledb


Might it be the problem is with your tables and select SQL (and also .Net's way of handling data - how many rows does it return, needs a disk swap ) and not VFPOLEDB itself

From C# my queries are fast. Would you show your OleDbCommand code Does it run fast if you directly do it with VFP (to eliminate that it's not due to table desing, indexes, joins etc).

Re: Performance problem: Querying fox tables with oledb

Carl Warner

I will recommend two things off the top of my head.

First, be sure you have the absolute latest version of the OLE DB Provider for VFP. There were not only bug fixes in the latest from previous versions but also performance enhancements.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro FamilyID=e1a87d8f-2d58-491f-a0fa-95a3289c5fd4&DisplayLang=en

Secondly, I have found that others have had issues with the TABLEVALIDATE default value slowing down the performance of querying VFP data through the OLE DB Provider. The default value is 3 and you will want to try to set that value to 0 (zero) where less overhead will be involved. To do that, use an ASCII text editor and create a new file named config.fpw and add the single line that reads


Save that file and place it in the same folder location where you have your OLE DB Provider for VFP. Typically, the OLE DB Provider for VFP is located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB folder. Wherever it needs to be, place that config.fpw file there and re-try your queries to see whether you get better throughput.