How to promt user to enter the date in prg file. once it is entered i would like to save it to variable. I am using vfp6.0

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Alex Feldstein

Depending on the interface (look) you want to show, you can use a form and a textbox. There is a simple function: InputBox()


but I do not think it was available in VFP6. I think it came out in VFP 7.0

Why do you use such an outdated version anyway

BTW, for historical illustration, the old way to do it in the days before Visual FoxPro, was with


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Naomi Nosonovsky

You may get Rick's Borup InputBox replacement from http://www.ita-software.com/files/rbInputBox.zip (sorry for the original name confusion)

Here is the description:

rbInputBox() is a simple, general-purpose input box for Visual FoxPro. Although VFP now has a native InputBox() function (as of VFP 7.0), rbInputBox() provides certain functionality not available in the native VFP InputBox() function, such as the ability to handle character, date, numeric, and currency data types. New in this version is the ability to set the PasswordChar property of the textbox, which enables using it to enter masked passwords. Freeware with source code, a readme file, and a demo program.

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Rick Borup

Umm, Naomi, rbInputBox is my InputBox replacement, not Rick Bean's.

-Rick Borup

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Naomi Nosonovsky

Oops, sorry, Rick. That's why I didn't find it when I was searching by "Bean".

Very sorry and thanks for the class. I used it in my old projects with the great success.