Help me to upsize a database to a Firebird database.

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Alex Feldstein

Never used Firebird but it should not be much different than any other database server work.

Connect to Firebird:
Driver=Firebird/InterBase(r) driver;Uid=myuserid;Pwd=mypassword;DbName=D:\FIREBIRD\data\mydata.FDB;

See: carrier=firebird

Then it is a matter of either inserting the data into the proper tables.

If Firebird has a data-transfer facility like SQL Server's DTS, then it is easy to just create a transfer package (script) and going from DBF to Firebird tables of the same structure.

Hopefully somebody else has direct experience with Firebird and can give you more detailed steps.

[Update]: You can download the latest ODBC driver from:

See also expamples you can download from that page

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The link only shows upsize to SQL Server.

Re: Upsizing to Firebird


I know, but I am afraid you will need to build your own migrate code using SQL(Firebird is SQL "flavor") model, or use a third party software, or yuo can migrate to SQL and then to Firebird....

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Naomi Nosonovsky

See if tools from may be helpful