We're moving to 64 bit servers. We have a third-party FoxPro application and tables.
We had some SQL Server procedures that got values out of FoxPro tables and that would alert us if certain conditions were met in the tables. The SQL Server methods are called out of various asp pages. I found a good white paper on "FoxPro COM objects out of ASP pages" o (dated 2002) and built a COM object to instantiate on an asp page. My question is, do you know if the FoxPro COM object will run on a 64 bit server Or is there a better way to get the FoxPro data on the asp page in a 64 bit environment

Re: will FoxPro COM object run on 64 bit server


Theoretically yes.

"While Visual FoxPro will remain 32-bit and not natively use 64-bit addressing, it will run in 32-bit compatibility mode"