I've noticed when I use reportbehavior 90, fields must have a certain size, otherwhise VFP shortens them and adds DotDotDot at the end. I've also noticed that there is some padding to the required size. In other words its not easy to put 2 fields very close together on a report form.

For ecample, if I want to put a date range on a report with a dash in between...

I'm sure I'm doing something dumb here, and any input would be apreciated.


Re: DotDotDot


Check the trimming options in the report field properties. The ellipsis is the default, but you can control how data gets trimmed.

But the simplest way to do this is to convert the data anyway - create a field whose content is simply:

MDY( date1) + " - " + MDY(date2)

or whatever Date-to-character format you want your dates to display as. Then you can be sure that the field size will be consistent.