VisualFox 9

I made an plication and I set all the windows with top level show and _sreeen.visible=.f. but when I start the application the main window is in the front an it is not activ. I have to click on it to activate it or if there is a nother application runing like explorer or other my window is minimizetr or in the bootm of the windows and it is not activ. If I activate it and I call a nother window with do form .... a form that is set with top level show the same think is happening. What can I do

Re: Top level windows are not activated

Naomi Nosonovsky

I've seen the same problem discussed before on a different forum. I didn't have the problem myself, but I can search the related discussions on another forum.

From suggestion on another forum I got:

Put Application.Visible = .t. in the Activate method of the form.

See, if this gives you the desired effect.

Re: Top level windows are not activated


If you are using a main program who is doing a main form (with READ EVENTS), at form you may check properties:

WindowsType = Modal

ShowWindow = As Top-Level form

Autocenter = .T. (for test only)

Re: Top level windows are not activated


yes, I've seen this too, but never tried to fix it up!
I don't know about internal vfp methods, but in the worst case you can use APIs to activate your form.

just tell me if you need api code on this.

Re: Top level windows are not activated


Dear dni,
when you specify the "READ EVENTS", it's not necessary to set Windowtype to modal