Naomi Nosonovsky

Visual Foxpro User Group NYC (and NYACC Database SIG)

The next meeting of VFPUG NYC is Thursday, November 1, 2007, at 7 pm.

The location is not definite, but will probably be in NYU's Main/Silver Building, on Waverly Place, at NE corner of Washington Square. Bring picture ID. The guard can direct you. When we have a firm location, we'll let you know.

The Speaker will be Jay Berardinelli, President of Docman Corporation

The topic will be Application Design using Visual Foxpro.

Jay will briefly demonstrate several of the full blown Visual FoxPro applications he developed over the years, including:

Accounting System
Payroll System (SQL-based)
Jewelry Inventory Management System
Pension Management System
Audit Management System for Hospitals
Contact Management System (SQL-based)
Artwork Inventory Management System
Jay's innovative designs will showcase the use of

Right-click context-sensitive menus
Table-driven grids
Easy application distribution and updates
Context-sensitive help
Client-server architecture using MS SQL-Server
Multiple windows opened simultaneously
Drag and drop - also table driven
Jay has been programming and designing systems since 1980, and is considered an expert in the use of Visual Foxpro, having worked with it since its inception. In addition to custom software development, Docman Corporation also offers full turnkey office automation, including the sale and support of equipment (servers, pc's, networks, and phone systems).

Jay will also demonstrate some websites that he has set up for the members of VFPUG NYC.