Aleksey Kozlov

Dear experts!

I'd like you to share your experience concerning migrating process from version VFP6 to newest one VFP9.

I couldnt find any publishing suggestions concerning this topic. It seems to me that the situation here is as it is on any other similar fields C the small simple application can be ported without any serious problems. But what about serious big applications which were developed and used for a long time

I greatly ask to express your concerning to this.

With regards, A.Kozlov


Re: Migration from VFP6 to VFP9

Alex Feldstein

Migration and recompilation should be pretty straightforward. There are a few things to watch out for but nothing that cannot be fairly easily fixed.

The menu structure has changed. Older menus will still work unless you make changes to use the new features. Then you cannot easily come back to VFP6. If you plan to move to VFP9 and not run the same app again under VFP6 then you should have no problems here.

The same happens with file structures. There are new types like for example AutoInc. If you use them you cannot go back.

The most important changes are in the way SQL queries work in regards to aggregation and GROUP BY. This is enforced by SET ENGINEBEHAVIOR. See: Wiki~Enginebehavior

Always start work on a backup copy and see what the compiler complains about. If your program is well structured and written you should not have major problems migrating.

See also: Wiki~VFPVersionCommandConcordance Wiki~VFPVersionBaseClassConcordance Wiki~VFPVersionDataTypeConcordance Wiki~VFPVersionEventConcordance Wiki~VFPVersionFunctionConcordance Wiki~VFPVersionMethodConcordance Wiki~VFPVersionPropertyConcordance

Re: Migration from VFP6 to VFP9


Migration should be very easy."Serious big applications" can be converted without problems,

just recompile or you may add application items to new project, one by one to find quick module with problems if any.