I am developing an application originaly written in dBase. It is currently compiled using VFP6. with no problems When I compile in VFP8 and use an old fashioned window (ACTIVATE WINDOW) any movement with the mouse over certain input fields causes the whole window to go blank. Moving the mouse over the window gives glimpses of the fields when it runs over them.

The following command causes no problems

@ 8,38 get m.pors PICTURE '@!' FUNCTION 'M S,P,F'

but change it to

@ 7.8,38 GET m.cOutDest ;
PICTURE "@^ \<Screen,\<Printer,\<File" ;
SIZE 1.538,13 ;
DEFAULT "Screen" ;
FONT "MS Sans Serif", 8 ;

and the whole window blanks out when the mouse pointer goes over the input box.

I have a routine which allows the user to escape out of the screen. Once out of the window, the user can return with no problems in this window or any of the others.

I have no idea what is causing the problem or what is clearing it, can anyone help please

Re: Window going blank!

Alex Feldstein

Change the setting of form.themes to .F. (off)

Re: Window going blank!


Wonderful, I would never have found the answer. Thanks.