I've build a database program with Visual Foxpro, and use Visual Foxpro database/table. Example :

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use c:\data\table1

But sometimes my database/table located at server drive (my network place). So I typed, for example :

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use \\server\data\table1

It doesn't work properly, because Visual Foxpro cannot recognize the network drive. How to solve this problem ....thank's.......

Re: Using database in network


The syntax you used should work. What exactly does VFP say when you issue the USE command

Re: Using database in network

Alex Feldstein

Nothing wrong with the syntax. Simple and maybe obvious questions:

  • Is there a share in the server folder
  • Does the program (or you) have enough permissions on that shared folder

Re: Using database in network


You may try to map network drive(ex. X):


use X:\data\table1