Pablo Roca

This is a message to inform you of the MasFoxPro (MoreFoxPro) campaign and encourage you to support it.

We suppose your already know Microsoft announced that there would be no Visual Foxpro version 10. You can find it at:


Both announcements lack a convincing explanation or logical reason why Microsoft decided not to release a new version of Visual FoxPro.

This announcement has been a major blow to the FoxPro community. This is especially true for the medium and small application developers (the vast majority of developers in Visual FoxPro), that have many years of Visual FoxPro code. It is not practical or cost effective to attempt to move these applications to Microsoft's recommended development environment (.NET). The community must rethink its future development platform.

This campaign was created as an idea that originated in the Spanish FoxPro Microsoft newsgroups. Mas stands for more in Spanish. PortalFox and the MVPs that manage PortalFox, as a part of the community, decided to offer a way (hosting and support) to let the community to express itself and promote this campaign.

March, 22th of 2007, a Wiki called MasFoxPro was created at:

Remember that this campaign does not only focus on the collecting signatures. There are more actions (even more important than the signatures), More information regarding this campaign can be found at:

We encourage you, your user group or web page support this campaign. Long term persistence could possibly give us an opportunity for some kind of success. Anyhow this your opportunity to FoxPro and the FoxPro Community. It is a worldwide campaign, not limited to any specific user groups.

If your users group or web page supports this campaign, you can add your URL and data here:

If you want to link us (please do it), The official link is::

the logo located at:

Also we ask you to pass this email to other users, user groups, developers, press, blogs, etc. Is quite relevant that this campaign have world wide participation.

Thanks for your attention.

PD: PortalFox is the main Spanish talking developers portal in Visual FoxPro. With over than 28,000 registered users worldwide, is affectionately known as "El Portal del Pueblo" (People's Portal). More info regarding PortalFox is available at:

For more info regarding the MasFoxPro campaign go to his website ( or contact with

Re: MasFoxPro (MoreFoxPro) campaign

Antonio Nuñez

Hola Pablo con todo este problema lo que veo es que para Microsoft ya no es negocio Vfp .

Tampoco es viable cooperarnos entre todos para pagar el codigo fuente.

Tampoco es viable que lo compre otra empresa y siga el desarrollo adelante.

Tampoco Microsoft quiere que le hagan la competencia con sus propios productos.

Una opcion puede ser tener un producto (o varios) que puedan competir con productos de codigo abierto pero que esten desarrollados en vfp y atacar a esos mercados.

Asi se pueden generan muchos nuevos usuarios (tal vez miles) .

Y ya hay negocio para ti , para mi y para Microsoft.

Y nuestro zorro seguira corriendo.

Quiero poner a disposicion de todos mi idea y mi programa que puede competir contra Php Nuke.

Estoy dispuesto a poner a disposicion de la comunidaad el codigo fuente para que entre todos lo ampliemos.

Este lo puedes descargar de :