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hi i want to be able to tell the modem to dial and certain number. my overall goal is to be able to have a call button in my client form.

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Years ago I used Foxpro to open up the com port and dial.
Basicaly you use the low level file commands (like fopen) to open up the com port. Then you send modem commands like "ATDT" in order to fial up a phone #.

There may be better way to do this though.

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You can use the Windows TAPI functions (Telephone API) to do this but it is quite complex and you really need to know what you are doing with it because the documentation is not great.

As a rule it is usually better (not to mention quicker and cheaper in the long run) to use commercially available tools for this sort of thing than to try and invent your own.

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Carl Warner

I'm glad I don't have to concern myself over dialup any longer.

You may get some mileage out of how to use the MSCOMM32.ocx within VFP if you want to go that direction.

How to send to the serial port by using Mscomm32.ocx

How to transmit and receive binary data by using the VFP MSComm32 control

MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for Visual FoxPro

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You could do it in VFP through .NET using .NET Extender for VFP.

Here is the snippet:

oPort = CLRCreateObject("system::IO::Ports::SerialPort","com4")
IF oPort.IsOpen
oPort.Write("ATD 555 4321")

Visit to download a trial.

I hope this help you