Hi all,

I've been searching the net all day to find an answer to this
quesiton but I can't. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I need to call a method on a webservice and I need to pass it an object.
What I've tried is something like this:

loInfo = CREATEOBJECT("empty")
ADDPROPERTY(loInfo, "ID", "1234")
ADDPROPERTY(loInfo, "Number", "5678")


loWSHandler = NEWOBJECT("WSHandler",IIF(VERSION(2)=0,"",HOME()+"FFC\")

loWebService = loWSHandler.SetupClient("TheCorrectURL", "Service")

llReturn = loWebService.CorrectMethod(loInfo)

This isn't an issue of connecting to the service. I can. I can call
methods that don't require parameters and get the boolean return value
fine. So... the bottom line is: how do you call a method from a
webservice that requires an object as a parameter


Re: Passing an object to a webservice method.


Create it as an XML string and pass that one.


Check WSDL (and if .Net created asmx) if it requires a root node.