Please help me. What can i do to generate employee id no but it came to birthday and Surname fields. For examples:

birthday Surname Employee Id No

02/02/1950 Angeles 50-0001

10/15/1950 Bautista 50-0002

01/10/1951 Apostol 51-0001

12/15/1951 Cruz 51-0002

In Employee ID No the first two digit it came from last 2 digit of year and the next 4 digit no. it will be sequence and it will base in Surname. Please help me. What can i do How to generate automatic the Employee Id No. Thanks

Re: how to generate employee no?

Alex Feldstein

If you want to keep a counter per year of birth, you can use a table and look for each year when you need one, incrementing the counter at that time.

See "How do I generate a New ID "