I dont want to sound stupid but I cant get any of the dvd rs I burned to work on my dvd player. I know my dvd player plays dvd rs and I have tried lots of different programs and software with the same results. Most of them have you first put in the dvd then save or copy it as an iso then you put in the blank disk and then burn the iso to the blank disk. But after I do exactly what the instructions say none of them ever play in my dvd player or any dvd player i have tried to put them in. I dont know what im doing wrong of if im missing a step but no intrustions or anything has been able to help me so far and Ive already ruined like 10 disks that now wont play on my dvd player so dont really have no use for them. I dont want to waste anymore until I find out exactly what im doing wrong. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

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What dvd burner are you using

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Dan Freeman

Perhaps you have the wrong forum

This forum is a Visual Foxpro forum. VFP does a lot, but burning DVDs is a little out of its reach.