good day to the experts...

i have just recently discovered this error no matter how i plug it still works...

my form has a text field for typing a message and a send button for the message to be sent to the server, but when i hold down the button key and press ESC at keyboard, it got an error message ( "execution interrupted" 'CANCEL, RETRY, IGNORE' )..which-ever i press naturally my applic. will exit

even if i point at label or listbox,or combo and hold down the left mouse button then press ESC, its d'same, it's "interrupted error message."

so what i do i put a ON KEY LABEL ESC * at INIT but it won't work i put another plug below

if inkey()=27



it doesn't work either.. is this a bug or i miss something in my code

thank you very much for any help

Re: how do i disabled a mouse and esc at runtime?


set escape off

Re: how do i disabled a mouse and esc at runtime?


thank you very very much cetin for your reply and it works fine now

again thank you... and have a nice day!