Joe Morel - MSFT

To all VFP MVPs:

If you do not currently have moderator permissions in this forum and would like them, please send me some email at joemorel AT microsoft DOT com. I've noticed situations in which you might like to create some sticky announcements or FAQ posts, and I'd like to help you get the tools you need to make these forums work for your community.

Thanks all!

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Dan Freeman

Thanks Joe, but I'm not sure I'd want moderator permissions.

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It's very sad that we've arrived at this point now...

Andy has been a great moderator.

As my native language is not English, my participation in English spoken forums is really limited, and in most cases, passive.

But the main reason that I chose to visit this forum regularly was the fact that I found that Andy Kramek and Marcia Akins were very active here. There's no need to say how important this couple has been to all the VFP community. Without their great books and help, I really don't know how I would be working with VFP right now. Whatever they publish is really great, and make things become so simple in VFP...

I was used to google for "Andy Kramek" and "Marcia Akins", looking for anything that they published. No need to say that I'm a big fan of both.

I really want to thank Andy for his very valuable contributions here. I really hope that he will reconsider and continue to moderate this forum.

Because Andy is a great moderator.

Because Andy is very helpful.

Because Andy is very experienced.

Because Andy is one of the most important voices in VFP community.

Because Andy is Neutral

Because Andy is fair.

And I'm totally sure that he did his best to make this forum a good place for developers to discuss and share knowledge.

Maybe the best for this moment, is that another person joins Andy, and share the responsability of moderating this forum. The recent events were really very sad, and if I were in Andy's position, I realy don't know how I would have behaved. I'm sure he tried his best.

Just my 2c.


Cesar Chalom

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Craig Berntson

Just because Andy left doesn't mean you need to leave too. There are many others who provide great answers.

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Hi Craig,

Craig Berntson wrote:
Just because Andy left doesn't mean you need to leave too. There are many others who provide great answers.

I didn't say that I will leave.

I just said that these happenings were very sad, and the way things went, it was obvious that they would end this way.

When someone offers so many years, so many time to others, IMO, the worst thing is to leave this way.

Andy said he's too busy at this moment. Of course I believe him, but I'm pretty sure that he's been busy for a long time.

These happenings extract the passion from people, and this is really bad.

I'm not judging people here, I just think things should have been stopped much earlier.