Hello everyone,
My employer recently started asking me about visual foxpro 9. I am a network administrator who has very little programming abilities. I am wondering how hard it would be to upgrade our current system, on foxpro 2.6, to visual foxpro 9. I told her it might require some schooling. Time is not an issue, we are not looking to upgrade immediately. How hard is it to do and what steps do you go through Is it simplying useing the same code just converting it to foxpro9 do you have to recode some of the main files or recode the entire program It is a fairly large program which keeps track of our incoming inventory, keeps track of our inventory location, and keeps track of us processing and sending our inventory.

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2.6 was not a "visual" version of Foxpro, 6 and above are, your probably looking at a fairly big project there. I started programming in VFP6 and my first project for my current employer was to take an existing 2.6 application and convert it to a 6.0 application with modern windows forms.

That was 6 years ago so the details are fuzzy. If memory serves most of the business logic type code will work fine but the screens will not upgrade gracefully to current windows form controls like dropdowns, textboxes, and the like.

There may be a conversion tool someone can point you too, that was the one and only "conversion" my company did, anything after that was considered a rewrite since it was such a pain and the end result of trying to use as much old code as possible left us with an application that was still behind the curve despite being written in the newest version.

I hope that was of some help.

Keith Chisarik


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"Visual" versions aka VFP start from version 3.0.

To say the truth from 2.x to VFP it's not the foxpro you know anymore. While it's backward compatible it is not 100%.

First forget about conversion. Rewrite from scratch is the way to go. You might however keep and use your procedure files. All screen (now form), menu, reports are better to redo. In other words though I'm a seasoned foxpro coder relatively to you (20+ years from foxbase to VFP9) I get lost in every 'converted' code. You'd get more headaches that online forums could possibly can't help you much when you ask them of erros(ie: converted screens use a "read" property which normal form's do not have. All VFP coders, not having it in their code, are generally unaware of errors and workarounds).

Good news, creating a new screen, menu, report etc are now much easier. With ObjectOrientedProgramming starting with VFP3 code reuse is a breeze. Connecting to another backend such as SQL server is much easier (if you have ever tried in fox2x with connectivity kit now you'd appreciate how easy it has become).

There are many frameworks available which some are for free (and one directly in VFP itself). You might create an application with them quickly. Since you say you have time I suggest you to learn and code yourself. You might still use a framework but it'd be easier to fix if something goes wrong.

PS: If you're going into serious VFP learning then I suggest you to also visit www.universalthread.com. Its VFP forum has a very high traffic related to foxpro, you might get answers to your basic to advanced questions in no time. Welcome:)

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Bob DuPuy

I am faced with a conversion of a custom app from foxpro for windows 2.6 to vfp9. I ran the conversion tool and most things seemed to work, but for the life of me I cannot find where it put the code that was in my Setup and Cleanup snippets in forpxo. I don't mean the generated source code. Just where is that information stored in the Forms in vfp

I don't have time for a full rewrite from the ground up with a framework, etc. I still have a copy of Stonebridge from about 7 years ago, and I had difficulty using it.

Any help is appreciated.

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Bob DuPuy

I misspoke. It is the Stonefield Database Toolkit version 5.by Doug Hennig. I also have Visual MaxFrame Professional 4.0. Are those still recommended or is there better choices for vfp9.

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Tamar E. Granor

Unfortunately, the Converter produces terrible code that's hard to maintain. Where things are depends on which type you chose, but since you say it runs, I'll assume you picked whichever one it is that gives you running code.

What you probably have now is two things for each form: a program with an SPR extension that contains all the code from Setup/Cleanup, and a formset that contains the visual objects and any snippet code that was in the actual objects.

As for Stonefield Database Toolkit, yes, highly recommended.

Visual MaxFrame Pro (often abbreviated VMP) is one of a number of frameworks available for VFP. I don't know what the latest version is, but I've heard only good things about the framework.