In WinXP 32-bit, Win2000 32-bit, Win2003 32-bit all OK.

In WinXP SP2 64-bit, Win2003R2 SP1 64-bit I can't access to Oracle 10g by

hconn = sqlstringconnect('DRIVER={Oracle in OraHome10}; UID=xxx; PWD=xxx; SERVER=ORA10; DBQ=ORA10')

return -1

How to connect to Oracle from 64-bit Windows platform

Question 2. In Windows Vista (Business, 32-bit) I can connect to Oracle 10g only with administrative privileges. If already exist one connect (with admin privileges) then I can connect to Oracle many times even without admin.priv.

Is this errors to Visual Foxpro team

Re: Access to Oracle 10g through Oracle ODBC driver. Problem with 64-bit Windows, with Vista


This doesn't sound like anything to do with VFP. All VFP does is invoke the ODBC driver and read its response.

Why not post this on a Windows Vista forum