Hi! I'm new in learning Visual FoxPro.

My question is how to use Visual FoxPro to build Web application Is there a way to see my form in web browser

Thank you.

Re: My form in web browser

Re: My form in web browser

Alex Feldstein

To see your form as it is in Windows, not really. There is a way but it is deprecated and not really feasible as it would require VFP runtimes in the client.

What you can do is recreate your form using other technologies such as DHTML. Or better yet, use a web GUI using HTML+AJAX with you VFP program running on the server as middle-tier and back-end if you want.

To do that you need to have at least a 2-Tier architecture in your app. If your program is a monolithic EXE then you have a lot of work ahead of you to put it on the web. If your architecture is already N-Tier then it it fairly easy.

There are frameworks available to make this very easy for you like ActiveVFP already mentioned by dni or others such as Web-Connect. Most, if not all, offer a free downloadable demo. Check them out.