Joe Au

I used the code provided by Dave M. as follow:

loConfig = CREATEOBJECT('CDO.Configuration')
loCdoMessage = CREATEOBJECT("CDO.Message")
loCdoMessage.Configuration = loConfig
loCdoMessage.From = ""
loCdoMessage.To = ""
loCdoMessage.HtmlBody = "Body text"
loConfig.Fields.Item("") = 2
loConfig.Fields.Item("") = "yoursmtpserver"
loConfig.Fields.Item("") = 25
loConfig.Fields.Item("") = 60

It works fine. But how to add another email address to loCdoMessage.To and If the loCdoMessage.HtmlBody contains Chinese Characters, how do I configure it so that the recipient can view the email content



Re: How to email with Chinese characters


Did you try The Chinese characters should be displayed on the other end as long as both sender and recipient use the same code to write or view, e.g. Chinese Simplified (GB2312) or Chinese Traditional (big5).

Try to use a comma to separate the ....recipeints.

Re: How to email with Chinese characters

Joe Au

I tried the code.

I also try to use comma and ; but they don't work.