I have a distributable, *My_HTML_Report_Distributable.Exe*, that seems to work only after I install SOAPsdk right onto the user's machine (... via the "MSSOAPSDK.msi" installer that ships with VFP-9 or the "SOAP Toolkit 3.0" thats downloadable from MicroSoft).

This MSSOAPSDK prerequisite I had hoped could be installed by InstallShield LE "redistributable options".

Installshield gives 2 such options to install MSSOAP SDK FILES (*.msn) that I supposed should satisfy the SOAP-Toolkit-prerequisite for this My_HTML_Report_Distributable.Exe. So I checked the 2 (in InstallShield). But Ouch! This fails to install SOAPsdk on the users machine.

Am I doing right, in your opinion. Must I expect my users to have the SOAP Toolkit 3.0 prerequisite *manually* installed

Any suggestions to auto-install SOAP Toolkit with InstallShield are exceedingly appreciated.

Re: VFP9 Distributable Requiring SOAP Toolkit ... vs InstallShield SOAP Options?


When vfp application starts you may check if is installed and if not you may just run soapsdk.exe.