Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me with this one...

I am looking for a way to save a MS Outlook email message attachment(s) to file(s)

The drop will be on a visual foxpro control (doesn't matter wich one)

It is similair to a drop of an email attachment on the desktop, this will come out as regular file(s)



Re: Outlook attachement drag and drop


You may try to use automation

loOutlook = CREATEOBJECT("Outlook.Application")
loSelection = loOutlook.ActiveExplorer.Selection

like: q=cache:TCu6oLpw5r0J:www.tedroche.com/Present/2002/OutlookAutomationWithVisualFoxPro.pdf+vfp+dropped+MS+Outlook+email+message+to+a+.msg&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=16&gl=us