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Hi all

I don't know either this is a technical post by me or not.

But I want to know that

Is there any way to retrieve map from website from foxpro.

Currently I am calling mapquest webpage to display the map by passing address as parameter.

But I want to retrieve the required map from mapquest (if possible) & want to show map on my vfp form.

I am using this code to call mapquest webpage.

DECLARE INTEGER ShellExecute IN shell32.dll ;

INTEGER hndWin, ;

STRING cAction, ;

STRING cFileName, ;

STRING cParams, ;

STRING cDir, ;


lcAddress = "7850 west monroe rd"

lcCity = "houston"

lcState = 'tx'

lcCntry = "us"

lcZip = ""

lcLink = " searchtype=address"

lcGo = ALLTRIM(lcLink) + '&country='+ALLTRIM(lcCntry) +'&formtype=address&address='+lcAddress+'&city='+lcCity+'&state='+lcState


Thanks & Regards

Surinder Singh

Re: How to retreive map from


Look at this, please
You would rewrite

lcAddress = "7850 west monroe rd"


lcAddress = "7850+west+monroe+rd"

Re: How to retreive map from

surinder singh

Hi Levi

I am doing this very well but I just want to know that can I get/download that map so that I can show that map on my vfp form.


Re: How to retreive map from


You want to just open a image file in vfp or you like to have a interactive map (a new window with browser) in vfp