How do I get the characters , , , (those with unicode > 255) in Azeri(Latin) in Visual Foxpro 7 or 9.

Our software (developed in VFP7 & VFP9) cannot print or capture these characters well. We have a client who needs to use this locale but cannot because of this limitation. In fact even in the development environment the text editor does not translate them.

Is there anything else I have got to do.


William, Crystal Clear Software ltd (Uganda)

Re: Azeri(Latin) Locale in

Alex Feldstein

While VFP  does not work very well with Unicode, you can convert and sort data properly in unicode languages. Just have to use the proper codepage (a Windows version in Azeri helps too).

Look in help for the CPCONVERT() function:

CPCONVERT(nCurrentCodePage, nNewCodePage, cExpression)

I believe Azeri uses the same page as Turkish for Latin alphabet (1254), and 1251 for Cyrillic.

See also:




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Re: Azeri(Latin) Locale in


I have my both code page 1254 and 1251 set on my machine. Please if you may, change locale to Azeri (Latin) and type with key ';' with key " ' " with key ']' and with key '.' , if you can type these characters in your code editor, or capture them in a text box or diplay them in a message box, report or any other control in VFP7 or VFP9, then you have exactly what I need and please let me know it.