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Is there date sorting on the field in the report designer

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Re: Report Designer

Naomi Nosonovsky

No as far as I know. You may need to sort the data before running the report (I mean prepare data in the correct order).

You may also try to use third party report generator tools such as Foxfire or SFReports. I haven't tried them, so can not provide more recommendations.

Re: Report Designer

Tamar E. Granor

Although you can do some calculations in the Report Designer, in VFP 6, it's basically a dumb engine. It takes the data you give it in the order you provide it and formats it for output.

Your best bet is to always prepare the data before running a report. Typically, you do that with a SQL SELECT (or more than one).

Often, you need to collect data from the user anyway. A good approach is to have a form class that it set up for reporting (with the Print button, and with appropriate methods) and then create a form for each form based on this class.


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MillBear wrote:

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