typedef struct


short version;

char cardNumber[BEID_MAX_CARD_NUMBER_LEN + 1];

char chipNumber[BEID_MAX_CHIP_NUMBER_LEN + 1];

long documentType;

BOOL whiteCane;

BOOL yellowCane;

BOOL extendedMinority;


BYTE rfuDevil;

} BEID_ID_Data;

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Re: translate from c++ to foxpro

Alex Feldstein

Foxpro does not work with structures directly. You need a trick like Christof Wollenhaupt [MVP] Struct class

You need to pass a string by ref that contains the struct.

See: Wiki~ApiStructures Wiki~ApiStructureClass

Re: translate from c++ to foxpro


There really isn't any code to translate, it's just a structure of how data is passed / stored. If you need to pass this data to a API, there are a number of ways to do it, but you'll need the definitions of the 3 BEID* values. You can manually stuff the data in a string, or let one of the routines on the Wiki or UT do the 'heavy lifting' for you.