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I have a VFP9 app where the users can check off multiple reports to print (often 4-6) and then set via a screen the number of copies each (often 3) and then just say "Print them" (this is all VFP code). To handle this and free up their machine immediately, I have passed off report generation and printing to a server. This works most of the time but regularly the users complain that they get the wrong number of copies or even worse, they get a humungous amount of copies of one of the reports (usually until the printer runs out of paper e..g they asked for 3 copies but they end up getting 50 copies).

The printers are HP 2430n printers and I have tried a) the newest HP 2430n PCL6 driver b) the latest HP 2430n PCL5e driver c) older drivers d) the HP 2430n PS (Postscript) driver. And so far, none have solved the problem. It seems like the server is getting hung up on a job and just keeps resending it.

Any ideas

Albert Gostick

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How do you set the number of copies

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Hi Albert,

So the server could be the problem....

But you want the application to continue and NOT wait for the prints....

Maybe you can consider this code :

MULTI THREADING in foxpro !!!!!

Very nice