I am using a view of a table on a form.
How do I set up a filter that is not Case sensitive.
When I put in data now unless its just like it (Caps) it shows
(o) records.
I have tried using (Like), (=) with no luck.
Thanks For Your Help

Re: Case sensitive



AFIK there is no way to set a filter that's not case sensitive directly. But you can achieve this by converting the filter to same case on both sides.

For example,

Code Snippet


select * from tableA where upper(field1)=upper(m.value)

Hope this would solve your issue.

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Re: Case sensitive

Naomi Nosonovsky

As Markish suggested, you need to use either lower(field) like lower('My String%') or upper(field) like upper('myString%') (I'm just showing the idea).