Hi everyone;

I have tried today to connect via VPN over DSL lines to a remote system and run my VFP application. Perfomance sucked big time, but I wasn't surprised. Using remote desktop to the win2003 server is very fast for obvious reasons.

My question:

- Did anyone here use VFP over VPN when the application is not client/server but rather VFP files on a remote server Is there any way to get reasonable performance in a WAN connection

I will post my second question in a seperate thread.


Re: Performace issues over VPN / Terminal services.

Craig Berntson

VFP has never worked well over a WAN when accessing VFP data. That's because the query is always resolved on the local machine, so index and table data have to be pulled across the wire. One solution is to go client/server.

Re: Performace issues over VPN / Terminal services.

Bernard Bout


Maybe you are looking at this the wrong way.

I use Terminal Services along with everyone in my organization and we have no such problems.

What we do is that we store our data on the server as well as the executable application. We log into a TS session and then run the app within it. The app runs on the server and accesses data on the server which is like running the app and accessing the data locally. Thus the data access is as fast as if you had the installation on your local computer.

Another advantage of this is that only one copy of the executable exists, temp cursors are created in each user's temp directory so when an update is needed, only one copy needs to be updated. You need to get away from the idea that only data is stored on the server and you run the executable locally and access that data. Both data and exe should be located remotely on the server.

IMHO while client/server is great, in your case there is no need to go that way. Running a VFP app this way is very fast, and you will get the same speed of data access whether you use DSL or even dialup since only screen changes come down to your computer.

Anytime you want to bring huge files down to your computer that is going to be slow.

Re: Performace issues over VPN / Terminal services.



Thanks for the input. I have a couple of people using the remote 2003 server via remote desktop for admin. I should be receiving my 5 user terminal services license today or tomorrow and I hope to have more users running remote desktop.
The problem with remote desktop is that I don't see my local printers for some reason, even if I select the printers check box before connecting. Also, there are other issues. One is that if I have email objects on my form and the user clicks it it won't open the local Email client.

But performace is a big plus.


Re: Performace issues over VPN / Terminal services.



Re: The Printers -- Terminal RDP really doesn't like anything other than parallel port LPT1 printers. You can do a registry hack to enable the RDP to recognize USB Dot4 and Network printers ( Problem with this is that you now need to install the printer driver for each printer that may connect to your terminal server. May not be a problem with a small amount users, but as you add people, the number of printers you may need to support will grow.

A very good, dependable alternative is Screwdrivers V4 byTricerat ( -- a small installation on your server, and an even smaller on the client. Now the client is responsible for providing the printer and drivers. I swear by it.

Good luck,