I have successfully connected to the Office Communication Server 2005 SP1 Enterprise Edition by windows messenger 5.1. However, when I tried to add a contact, it gives the error message:

Your search failed for an unknown reason. Please try again later.

The searching function is actually working because I can find all the accounts which are enabled for IM. But when it reaches the last step (adding), it gives the ambigious error message.

My Live Communcation Server is separated from the domain controller. Would this be the reason

Also, I have read something here: However, the pool name is the domain controller name, and therefore it is not possible to put the pool name and server together with the same IP address in DNS.

Please help. Thank you.

For your information, I have installed the LCS in Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 SP2, with SQL server installed together. (I have also installed in a x86 machine, but I have disabled the service already)



Re: Live Communication Server 2005 - Add a contact - Search Failed


I recieved the same error. Were you able to resolve it and how



Re: Live Communication Server 2005 - Add a contact - Search Failed

MS ISV Buddy Team

Per our support engineer:

It looks from the detailed ISV question posted on the forum that customer is having the pool name as the domain controller name. Customer also states that in his/her environment the Live Communication Server is separated from the Domain Controller i.e Cx is having DNS entry only for LCS server while the pool name is resolving incorrectly to the Domain Controller, IP and this clearly is the cause of the issue.

The above behavior occurs when the LCS pool name resolves to something other than the Front-End Server. In some cases, customers incorrectly configure the pool name to resolve to the SQL Back-End Server. In this case it is resolving to DC.

Possible to solution in this case would be to either change the pool name or change the Domain Controller name and make sure that pool name always resolve to IP pointing to LCS server or Load balancer¡¯s Virtual IP which again direct to any of the LCS server(s).

In addition to above also observed few things:

1. LCS front end and SQL are not recommended and supported on same box.

2. Enterprise Edition is designed to work with the Load balancer(Although it may work without it, it is always recommended to have one).

3. Quick research in VKB points in the direction that cx might be having inappropriate DNS configuration.

Hope this helps!

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)