Hi, a while back I asked how I could save a version of the document automatically every 15mins. I managed to write a macro to do this and it worked for most documents. However, for some documents the versions were saved but when I open any of them they appear identical to the current document. Also, in a couple of cases I had this problem initially and then after a few attempts it sorted itself out - not sure how...

The macro was written for the specific document and the code looked like this

Sub AutoOpen()

Application.ActiveDocument.Versions.Save Comment:=""

Application.OnTime When:=Now + TimeValue("00:15:00"), _

End Sub

I can't be sure what version of Word the document was written in (I saved the original doc with the macro in 2003 and then passed it onto to others). Also, in some cases there were about 40-50 versions saved, although I have the same problem on a doc with 15 versions.

Can anyone suggest what might have gone wrong - or how I might be able to retrieve the version info

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: troubleshooting saving versions with macro in Word

Victor Bello - VBDOTNET

Hello, i've have a problem that i hope you can help me with. I'm testing some macros on Word 2007 and i get an error with the .Versions.Save method, it tells me that is not available.

Please Advice.