I have some questions:

1.- How to distribute MODI Port with my application

2.- Found MSM (module merge)

3.- How to install "Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Port", without CD office

4.- That files use the MODI

5.- The files .MDI is better of PDF !

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You can not distribute MODI.

The end user must have a copy of Microsoft Office. For sure Office, but I think it is also included with SBS as part of the FaxServer.

If the user has already installed Office, but MODI is not present; Insert the Office CD and select "Add or Remove Features". Next scroll down the list and find "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" and use the dropdown at the left of the name to select "Run all from My Computer". Complete the install by clicking "Update".

Re: MODI Port

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Per our support engineer:

I did some research over the case and was able to understand the context of most questions.

1. - How to distribute MODI Port with my application
Answer: MODI cannot be shipped separate from Office, or redistributed with a third-party application. (see CodeCharmer's response)

2. - Found MSM (module merge)
Answer: The Microsoft Office Document Imaging 2003 (MODI) object model is used to develop custom applications. Programmers can program the MODI object model using COM by setting a reference to the Microsoft Office Document Imaging 11.0 Type Library. You can create an msm of this type library to incorporate functionality in your application installation.< xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

3. - How to install "Microsoft Document Imaging Writer Port", without CD office
Answer: MODI only comes with Office. You cannot get a separate installer for MODI. You need Office.

4. Need clarification on your question [That files use the MODI ]

5. The files .MDI is better of PDF !
Answer: I don't think Microsoft provides any competitive info on MODI vs. PDF.  They're not really targeted at the same market.

MODI outputs the MS Office Document Imaging Files (.MDI) which is a MS page based graphic format similar to a TIFF format. There isn't a viewer available for .MDI files, but MS Office Document Image Writer Printer Driver can basically print .MDI to TIFF. TIFF can be viewed easily even if someone doesnĄŻt has MS Office.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

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Is it necessary to install all the applications of MS Office to activate MDIVWCTL.DLL Also, how can I install an application of MS Office through command line silently Finally, How we can not register mdivwctl.dll by using the following command: regsvr32 mdivwctl.dll,




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i have problem in using MODI namespace. my target is how to let the output of my program as .mdi file. in ather case how to convert from .doc to .mdi in my application