Hi everyone,

Hope to learn a lot from these forums here! I need some advice...I have VB programming experience and the law firm I work at need some additions to MS Word. Im gonna get stuck into VBA, but have never used it before. I understand it comes standard with Office XP...so thats fine.

I am thinking of purchasing these 2 books. Are they good and will they be enough to start me off

Mastering Microsoft VBA - ISBN: 978-0-7821-4436-9

http://www.intersoft.co.za/Index.cfm fuseaction=books.viewBook&BookID=5198566

VBA Developer's Handbook - ISBN: 978-0-7821-2978-6

http://www.intersoft.co.za/Index.cfm fuseaction=books.viewBook&BookID=4611758

All help greatly appreciated! Thanks