H Patil


We are an ISV that has developed a financial software using .NET. We are currently in the process of certifiying this product for Windows Vista.

I had a little confusion over getting customer references for the purposes of getting the ISV Competency: The MSPP Program Guide mentions that we can get references for projects that we have done, but since we are primarily a product company, I am not sure what "projects" means in the context of ISVs (since we doní»t do custom projects). Can we simply get references from 3 unique customers of our product and apply them towards getting the Competency



Re: Regarding getting references that can be applied towards ISV Competency

H Patil

Since I didn't receive any response, I thought I'd post the reply I got from the Microsoft Partner Program Customer Service for the benefit of anyone else interested in applying for the ISV Competency. It sounds like Customer References can be taken from customers of packaged software for which an ISV has provided service.




This is in response to your e-mail regarding Customer References for the ISV Competency.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter in regards to Customer References. You can provide a Customer Reference from any customer/client that you have provided a service to in regards to previously deployed packaged software solutions. Therefore, any customer/client that you have provided a service to, surrounding/detailing your organization as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) you may use that customer/client for a customer Reference.

If you would like additional information, please visit the following URL:


Re: Regarding getting references that can be applied towards ISV Competency

Dean Cline


Sorry it is Just ran across your post and thought I would add 2 cents worth!

We have been Certified Partner for a couple of years, beginning as a Registered Member (Empower ISV). When we sell a software package to our customer, we do installation and training at startup.

For ISV competency, we describe/define our "project" as "Installation of ________ software." When the customer is asked to evaluate us, they are responding to our ability to provide a total solution, including the software functionality, documentation, installation, configuration, training, etc.

If your software is intended to be "retail box" and requires no Seller/Customer interaction at installation time, you could get references for your handling of "help desk" calls as indcated in the Partner Program response.

Hope you are well on your way to achieving this competency.