I am having trouble creating server-side contact lists for my
employees using Communicator 2005. We have an LCS 2005 SP1 SE
virtual test environment. All my users are LCS enabled (right-clicked on OU within
AD to enable).

Background knowledge...
Contacts.txt looks like...


ACESFile looks like...
all allow allow


I then run the following commands at the command line...
CScript LCSAddContacts.wsf /userfile:contacts.txt /

Then I run...
CScript LCSAddaces.wsf /userfile:contacts.txt /

The command line displays the examples within the script, pauses for
about 2 seconds, and then completes. However, when I have user1,
user2, etc log into Communicator 2005 nothing changes...

Please help,


Re: LCS 2005 SP1 Server-Side Contact Lists Not Populating within Communicator 2005

MS ISV Buddy Team

Per the support engineer:

It seems you are facing some issue while using the LCSAddContacts.wsf script. However I am not very clear on what happens when you run the command with the user and contacts file as parameters. It will be great if you can provide me more detailed explanation of what is failing and I can help you with it.

Also, in the case the command you have mentioned is ¡°CScript LCSAddContacts.wsf /userfile:contacts.txt /contactsfile:contacts.txt¡±, however the command should be as follows:

¡°cscript lcsaddcontacts.wsf /usersfile:contacts.txt /contactsfile:contacts.txt¡±

Looking forward for more clear explanation so that I can help you accurately.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)