Hi all,

We are an Empower for ISV partner and will be contacting Microsoft to tell them that we have our new product coming out very soon. We need to make the announcement on our website next week and I was wondering if there are examples out there on the Web that will guide me as to how the announcement should look. I know that there has to be some specific information in the announcement (e.g. our company name, the product name, the expected release date, etc), but I was hoping to see some real-world examples of what other companies have done on their website for this purpose.

If anyone can give me some URL's for other companies' announcements (or any other ideas and suggestions), I would be greatly appreciative.



Re: Product announcement for Empower for ISV partner

H Patil


You can look at how we did it at (name of product is Investar). In our case the Beta had already been announced before. It was sufficient to satisfy the Empower for ISV requirement.