Hi, just a quick question

Does there exist anywhere a formal definition of the VBA language It would be really useful for my dissertation as i am writing a program that interprets macros so could do with something that would tell me, for example all the different ways that variables can be defined, or all the different types of statement that can be used etc.

Any advice is much appreciated


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Jeez, wouldn't that make it too easy

Are you looking for information on VBA with the older versions of Office, or the brand new "VBA" which is basically just .NET code running under the MSO mechanism Which one are you working with If you're working in VB6, this unfortunately isn't the right forum for support.

Re: VBA Language Definition


Im working with VBA as used in the macro editor for Excel 2003... whatever that is Stick out tongue Just VBA as far as im concerned Wink

You're right its not easy. Im only really looking to interpret the more basic statements but i still find myself constantly thinking of new ways that things could be written and hoped there was some kind of language definition to help me out. For example, when working on my variable declaration handler, it originally was initialised when it came across the 'Dim' keyword, then i remembered a variable might be initialised with 'const'... then realised those could be public or private etc etc etc. An official definition would help i think