Ok my situation is like this: I have a computer that runs Windows XP Professional. On the computer I have a Bloomberg subscription i.e. I have an ordinary monitor, but a Bloomberg keyboard and it is "true" Bloomberg subscription (it is not the Bloomberg website I am referring to). I have an Excel spreadsheet that is connected to Bloomberg and updated once every day using a DDE connection. Now will this work even if the Bloomberg program is closed If not so is there any other way of creating a link that works even if the Bloomberg program is closed The connection works through a macro that runs on a prespecified time every day. The code for opening the Bloomberg link is:

channelNumber = Application.DDEInitiate(app:="BLP", topic:="S")

(the code for the macro is not written by me)

Please if you know anything about this help me out. I have contacted the Bloomberg helpdesk by they never seem to give a staright answer. Thank you!

Re: Bloomberg + Execel = True?

Derek Smyth

Hi there,

DDE connections works by allowing two programs to talk to each other in a client/server approach. You could picture it like a browser (client) and a web site (server). The browser requests the page from the server which send the web page back to the browser who displays it. Without the server the browser can't get the page.

DDE works in a similar way except both the client and server are applications and its not only data thats past but also commands.

DDE won't work without both the client and server application.

Re: Bloomberg + Execel = True?


Yes I do the same sort of thing with the Trader Workstation program from my online broker. I've done a fair amount of dde work in the past. I do know that the both excel and the Bloomberg app will need to me open and running.


Re: Bloomberg + Execel = True?


For DDE links you need to have bloomberg open.

You can use sendkeys to sendkeys to login to bloomberg from excel if you want to but by far the best way is to use the activeX api. Its far less touchy than DDE links especially when submiting a large no of queries. And also you dont need to be logged in. You just have to login once every 7 days allthough it does state in the API documentation that if its not logged in they will not garantee the activex api will work.

Re: Bloomberg + Execel = True?


it seems that Bloomberg has changed this policy recently. Bloomberg has to be logged into to use any API.