i want to export a table from ms access to CSV file, but not in the standard format [comma delimited].

i would like to export fields delimited by * and I would also like the strings to be exported without the quotation marks (" ")

so instead of:

1,"sample text",0,0

i would like to have:

1*sample text*0*0

thanks Wink

Re: export from access to csv with parameters


Hey cristi

The easiest way to do this is create an export specification.

1. Start a manual export of a table lets say and choose to save as a .csv
2. When the wizard starts up click the advanced button
3. Choose a new field delimeter such as *, and a new text delimeter of nothing
4. Save this export specification like with a name like SampleTextExport

then in your code put something like
docmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "SampleTextExport", [TableName], [FileName]...etc..

Just follow the transfertext method in help and you'll be ok