Hi everybody,

I want to use Microsoft Office Scorecard Manager for strategy Map but I'm not sure whether it satisfies my requirement. I want to draw a strategy map and store it in a database in a way that its attributes including parent-child relationship and the name of node are save in the database so that I be able to query of these information and connect them to the external attributes.
Could you please tell me whether Scorecard Manager is a good candidate for my purpose.
I also just found out that in Office 2007, there is a PerformanceServer
tool which can de used for this purpose. Any experience is welcome.
Thank you for your help,
Rasoul Karimi

Re: Storing a Scorecard Manager diagram in a database

MS ISV Buddy Team

Per the engineer:

More information is required for this issue. First of all, if Performance Point Server is what is meant by Performanceserver then this might be a more likely candidate for a solution than BSM. It does not come with Office 2007 however. Still the requirements outlined are not very clear to me. More elaboration is needed around what properties he is referring to, and more importantly, what is meant by connecting them to the external attributes and what are those external attributes. My first impression is that BSM is not what he is looking for, but without further details, I cannot say for sure.

If you could provide more details per the engineer's comments I'll make sure he gets that info for further research.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)