I have created a form and a button in Visual Studio that will call and open Excel. In addition it also run the macro Auto_Open (which resides in Excel) using the Run command (Run("Auto_Open"). The Auto_Open macro calls a form within Excel and allows the user to Exit Excel without going to the normal File->Exit menu in Excel. When I click on the Exit button on the Excel form it gives me the following error:

Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A9C68

The error points back to my VB code that executes the Run command.

I appreciate any help you can give.



Re: VB Error when running Auto_Open macro in Excel

Spidermans_DarkSide - MSP, VSIP


Are you using VB.Net or VB6 or earlier

Which version of Visual Studio do you have

The VB in EXCEL is known as VBA or Visual Basic for Applications.





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