I am trying to access the fields in a (bound) subform that exists in a tab control, inside a form

dim ctl as control
set ctl=me.controls("subformName")
dim frm as form

set frm=ctl.form.... here a crash happens at run time, with error 2455 (invalide reference to a Form/Report property)

I am stuck in this subject, and I have been doing that many times, with no problem

May I get some advice on how to track this, please

I am using XP Pro + Access XP


Re: Accessing a subform, error 2455


The error happened inside the Form_Current event. Moving the code to another place, not related to the current event, caused the error not happen again. I don't know the reason, but this is how it was


Re: Accessing a subform, error 2455

Michael Patrick


This is a bug for sure.  I had the exact same problem (referring to the property of a subform) inside the Form_Current event.  Once I moved it to clicking on a object the same code worked fine.

Very frustrating.

Re: Accessing a subform, error 2455


I get the same error when checking the value of a combobox for isnull. combobox is filled and accessible but still i get the error. It says cannot access HyperlinkSubAddress property.

fantastic isnt it

Re: Accessing a subform, error 2455

Andreas H


we also have the same problem. On 50 PC all works fine, but at one Terminal Server it doesn't work (4 of 5 PC with the same Database).

If we open the form on time create the subform new, it works. After saving and restart the form it doesn't work.

greets from Austria.