I'm new to using Analysis Services, and am having trouble creating a simple cube and associated KPIs. My date source view is very ID (primary key) field, a sales type column, a projection column, and a sales column. I want to set up KPIs to show a projection and sales comparison for each sales type field. I am currently only able to set up the KPI to show the totals for all projections and sales, or to show it for one sales type (by selecting a dimension and heirarchy).

In my example, where do I need to make the changes to allow for this to happen The data source view already has the data grouped the way I need to display it...but the KPI only seems to allow me to aggregate all the totals instead of keeping them separated by Sales Type.

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Re: 2005 Analysis Services Cubes - KPIs

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If you could send a screenshot of your existing solution, I will send it on to our support team for assistance. Please send to

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