john doe smith

I have a similar kind of problem. I was organizing an action pack and I separated the sleeves that had cd keys on them from the cds that they went with. My question is, do the part numbers on the plastic sleeves, that came with the action pack binder, match up with part numbers that can be found on the cds. I just hope that there is an easier way to solve my problem than manually installing all of the cds and trying every cd key until they all match. That would take for ever and my boss would kill me. Help me, please!!!

Re: CD Key/Part # trouble

MS ISV Buddy Team


I checked with the Action Pack team and they confirmed that there is no easy way to match the CDs with their sleeves once they are separated. This is something that they are working on. Sorry to have to provide the bad news. I hope that there aren't too many of these CDs that you need to rematch with their keys.

-brenda (ISV Buddy Team)